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Baby Classes

Support babies in their emotional, language, cognitive and psychomotor development by offering play-based sensory and stimulating learning activities.


The morning and afternoon classes are designated for children from 2 to 5 years old. We Follow-up of the French curriculum using alternative pedagogies and tools.

Holidays Camp

We’re developing themed camp 100% in French with fun and playful activities such as games, scavenger hunt, face painting, Art & craft, discovery of the world…

FLAM / FLE Classes

Tutoring sessions aims to develop French oral and written skills as well as discovering the French Culture through various themes.

Reading / Phonics

This class is a French class that will enable children to improve and boost their reading skills.

Private Tutoring

Private classes can be done at school or at home.
1o1 class – 1H (from 2 years old)